Crochet Cable Cushion

Crochet Cable Cushion

I love a cable cushion but I always associated cable with knitting, I can knit but I do prefer a crochet project. I did find cabling a little tricky at first but after a bit of practise soon got the hang of it.
crochet cable cushion
I chose to use Stylecraft Bellissima dk in mellow yellow as it matched my mustard and grey living room. I was so pleased with how it turned out I made a second one in shade silver lining. You can purchase the yarn here
stylecraft bellissima
For the back of my cushion I chose plain double crochet as I wanted a firm fabric so that it would hold its shape.
Here’s the link if you would like to download PDF version.
Here’s the pattern.

Crochet Cable Cushion

You will need 3 x 100g balls of Stylecraft Bellissima dk

  • 40cm x 40cm Cushion pad
  • 1 x 3.5mm hook
  • Needle for sewing in ends

This pattern is written in UK terms.

The stitches that you will need to know for this pattern are:

  • Chain: ch
  • Half Treble Crochet: htr
  • Front Post Treble Crochet: FPTR
  • Double Crochet: dc

How to front post treble crochet:

  1. Yarn over hook 
  2. Insert your hook into the space below, between the current stitch and the next stitch. (the post of the stitch will be in front of your hook)
  3. Yarn over again. Using your hook pull the yarn back through the spaces.
  4. You will  now have 3 loops on your hook.
  5. Yarn over, pull the yarn through two loops using your hook. You will now have two loops on your hook
  6. Yarn over,  pull yarn through last two remaining loops.

Tension: 18 sts and 20 rows to 10cm working the pattern with a 3.5mm hook.

Front Panel

To begin using 3.5mm hook chain 75

Row 1: htr in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch2 turn (74 sts)

Row 2: 1 htr in each sts across, ch2 turn (74 sts)

Row 3:  1 htr in the next 2 sts, * FPTR around the next 3 stitches from the row 2 rows below, htr in the next 2 stitches * repeat from * to * htr in the last 3sts, ch 2 turn (74 sts) (14 x rows of cable)

Tip -  Count 3 stitches behind the FPTR to ensure that you htr in the correct stitch.

Row 4: 1 htr in each sts across, ch 2 turn (74sts)

Tip - When you reach the FPTR on the previous row make sure that your half trebles are in the stitches from the previous row.

Row 5: *htr in next 2 sts skip next FPTR, work FPTR around the next 2 FPTR from the previous row. Working in front of the 2 FPTR go back and FPTR around the skipped FPTR, skip 3sts * repeat from * to* until you complete the last FPTR, htr in the last 3 sts, ch 2 turn (74sts)

Repeat rows 2 - 5 for 70 rows or until the front measures 38cm. Fasten off and sew in ends.

Back Panel

To begin chain 81

Row 1: dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each sts along, ch1 turn (80sts)

Row 2: dc in each sts along, ch1 turn (80sts)

Repeat row 2 for 80 rows or until the back measures 38cm . Fasten off and sew in ends.

Making up

Place the front and back panel together and evenly dc around 3 sides, place the cushion pad inside and dc along the 4th side, fasten off and sew in ends.

crochet cable cushion
I hope you like it!
Claire xxx
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