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Stylecraft Dream Catcher Knitting Pattern 9600 Shawls and Scarf

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Dream Catcher Pattern 9600 Shawls and Scarf.

You will need: 1 pair 5mm (UK 6 - USA 8) knitting needles for diagonal lace shawl and large textured scarf. 1 pair 4.5mm (UK 7 - USA 7) knitting needles for garter stitch shawl. 

Diagonal Lace Shawl
Size (in) 40x180cm
Blackfoot 3953 2


Garter Stitch Shawl
Size (in) 25x130cm
Chinook 3951 1


Large Textured Scarf
Size (in) 36x176cm
Comanche 3950 2